Elite Dressage Clothing

The Classic Polo Shirt

001) Simple but smart UNISEX polo shirt with a collar which has the Elite Dressage logo in white embroided accross the back, and a small logo accross one side of the chest.

Sizes for 001 are available in XS-XL in Navy only.  The cost for this shirt is R100.


The Unique Range

002) Also available are our UNIQUE RANGE  of UNISEX white polo shirts with FLOURESCENT COLOURED writing... The Elite Dressage logo will be on the back and your choice of the following names and colours will be available: -

002.1) Yard Queen- Pink Embroidery

002.2) Yard Snob- Green/ Orange Embroidery

002.3) Yard Cutie- Yellow Embroidery

Sizes for 002 polo shirts range from XXS- XXL.  The cost per shirt is R150.

The Classic T-Shirt


003) Fitted Ladies T-shirts with the Elite Dressage logo printed on the back and printed on one side of the chest.  These are simple, smart and perfect for riding in.  They come in three colours: -

003.1) Navy

003.2) Grey

003.3) Baby Pink

Sizes for 003 range from size 8- 18.  The cost for the t- shirts is R80.

(Below images showing the back of 003.1,2&3)


Postage and packing is not included in the price.  We will deliver to most destinations.. Just let us know where you are!





Please email OR call: - 021 7017366/ 0712651101

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