Improve Your Teaching Techniques

This is a clinic for both riders and trainers.  It is designed to strengthen your skills as a trainer by improving the following: -

1.Your eye
2.Your approach to the pupil
3.Your training exercises
4.Your flexibility with difficult/ green horses
5.Psychology of the rider
6.Your understanding of biomechanics- how the rider
affects the horse in motion
7.The rider's position
8. Looking at the bigger picture, advising the client on
nutrition/ exercise routine

This will be an interesting, interactive clinic.  We will have guinea pig riders who we will demonstrate with, and all participants will also take part in the training of these riders.  Philippa trains her horses and riders using the Dutch training system, also practised by number one in the world, Anky Van Grunsven.  This clinic gives all participants the opportunity to gain insight into one of the best training methods in the world. 

It doesn't matter what level you're at, whether you're an established trainer, or someone who has never taught a lesson in their life! There will be benefit for all. 

If you'd like to participate in this clinic please email


Stable Management Course

Fun, Interactive Course to be held at Cheval Vapeur Stables, Philippi in September.

This course is suitable for levels novice to those studying for SANEF/ Instructors/ Pony Club Exams!

R50 per 2 hour session.

Dressage Theory Courses

Elite Dressage is running interactive Dressage courses.

The courses run for 8 weeks at a complete cost of R1000 per person.

The Syllabus to be covered is as follows: -

The Training Scale

  • RHYTHM      
  • SUPPLENESS        
  • CONTACT      
  • IMPULSION        
  • STRAIGHTNESS            

Specific exercises and lateral work

Nutrition for the competition horse

Preparation for competition

A plan for feeding, exercising and turning the horse out leading up to competition

Competition etiquette, Important Dressage Rules & What the judge is looking for

Biomechanics and how the horse and rider affect one another

Discussion and question session

Elite Dressage Exam ◊ 021 7017 366 ◊ 071 2651 101





Dressage, Cape Town