Philippa Williams

Philippa is an Professional Trainer and Registered Instructor who trained under Dutch Olympian, Arjen Teeuwissen, where she spent time in Holland and Belgium. In England, Philippa trained with World Class Champion Ferdi Eilberg, as well as Eventing and Show Jumping trainer Peter Hales, and produced horses for a British Event rider. Philippa has trained to Grand Prix and has competed in both affiliated Show Jumping and Eventing. Philippa also has experience in Dressage Judging and began taking the preliminary exams last year.

Philippa has trained many rider combinations including FEI judges in SA, and riders of all abilities from Prelim to Grand Prix. She has worked in Equestrian Colleges and taught students the art of Equitation, and given them passion to fulfil their dreams in their desired field of Equestrianism. Her experience with the Dutch Training system, and the added advantage of growing up re-training green and problematic horses, has allowed her talents and achievements to be recognised by many internationally. Philippa loves training the technical, high school movements in Dressage, but is equally as happy working with young riders, whom she feels are the generation of tomorrow!

In South Africa, Philippa held positions such as Chef d'Equipe and Team Coach for the Western Province. Currently, having recently moved back to the UK, she is enjoying running courses and clinics nationally, through Elite Dressage.

Dressage, Cape Town