Dressage is the fastest growing equestrian discipline. It reaches an audience of horse owners committed to excellence. Whether it is purchasing quality horses, equipment, or indeed their own clothing, dressage riders are a very discerning group. Nothing but the best will do. The elegance and discipline of dressage is clearly reflected in the people who take part.
Reaching this audience through sponsorship is effective marketing. This can be done visually, by word of mouth by EliteDressage and through media coverage, e.g.

  • Company name on rider clothing, i.e. Jackets, shirts etc
  • Company name on horses equipment, e.g. Rugs and saddle pads
  • Advertising on the horsebox (Degree of sponsorship determines size of advertising space)
  • The company's name can also be included in the horse's official show name which is announced over a tannoy system at a competition. For example if the horse's name were Mickey and the sponsor Coca Cola, the horse may be called Coca Cola Mickey.
  • The Sponsors' name is mentioned in the competition programme and depending on the degree of sponsorship their advert can take up to one page free of charge.


Ownership, part ownership or syndicate ownership of a horse can be beneficial both socially and promotionally regarding your business.

Sponsors also enjoy the same benefits as investors...

Business Benefit

You can make your company's name the horse's official show name, which is announced over tanoy at competition, shown on the internet result page and through word of mouth by media coverage or EliteDressage speaking to people in the ever growing equestrian world.
You will meet other sponsors and companies and have the chance to promote your business.
It is also an opportunity to entertain prospective or indeed current clientele all year round by culminating in the prestige, glamour and excitement of your horse's competitions and finals at the National or Winter Championships.

Social Benefit

Competitions are not only held in this country but many are held abroad and offer just as good hospitality and advertisement as this country, for example: -

  • Badges, tickets and car passes for car parking
  • A limited number of hospitality places will be allocated depending on the level of sponsorship.
  • Individual hospitality units may be reserved by companies wishing to entertain larger number of guests.
  • Trade stands for shopping
  • Pleasant atmosphere creating an interesting day out
  • Meeting new, interesting people

The Sponsor

There are several ways of offering your individual sponsorship, all of which will be a great help in promoting Philippa with her riding ambitions!

  • Financial assistance
  • Product Sponsorship
  • Cost Price Goods
  • Ownership/ Part Ownership or Syndicate of a horse

Along with the glamour of competitions, as a sponsor you will be part of the team! You are more than welcome to pop in for a cup of tea and come and visit the horses to see all the hard work, training and preparation that goes into producing the horse for competition...

If you are interested in any of the above, please enquire on the contact page.  We can arrange a meeting with Philippa and her associates.

Dressage, Cape Town