Donata, KZN

Posted: 9. June 2010

"My name is Donata Cronjé and I ride a 5 year old Warmblood mare. 

We started this year competing in Novice level.

I was first introduced to Phillipa beginning of last year when she had a 3 day Clinic in KZN. 

I had only 1 lesson with her as it was impossible for me to have anymore at that stage.

I enjoyed her lesson and when I heard she was coming to KZN again I jumped in line to have 4 lessons in a row.

She has a wonderful teaching methodology, she explains clearly and in a way that anyone can understand.  She stayed for the show that weekend and I must say she was a tonic to me, as I get extremely tense at shows.  She was calm and relaxed which had a ripple affect. She was extremely helpful before my tests in the warmup arena as well as in between my classes.

Phillipa manages to motivate and encourage her learners to ride to their best ability and the product is a rider that has a clear idea of how to get the best out of their horse without any miscommunication and frustration between horse and rider. 

I thoroughly enjoyed every one of my lessons and am looking forward to the next Clinic here in KZN "






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